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CoCEPTIO - Your partner to build the future... your future !

About Us

CoCEPTIO strives to be the business and technical expert thanks to its solid-experienced associates and a lean structure. It offers a tailored-made project approach, more integrated and pragmatic. 

Our goal is to become one of the best European stakeholders in the conception and implementation of industrial projects and related, by developing a strong relationship with our customers.

Our mission is to define, design and build multi-technical devices with a result-oriented commitment (quality, budget & planning). Our customers can then stay focused on their own process and job.  In the meanwhile, they are convinced that the proposed solution is the most reliable and well-adapted for their specific application.

One Team 

For CoCEPTIO, the top priority is the relationship between its associates, its customers and its partners.

Pragmatism / Efficiency

Focused on the industrial sector and related, we are led by our motto « Right First Time » to guarantee to our customers the final result.


Our main and unique goal is to defend our customers’ interests. However, our structure is totally independent and neutral despite our well-developed partners network.

Why Us ?

Anxious to respond to customers’ new challenges, CoCEPTIO is placed as a true partner for the conception and the implementation of their infrastructure projects, during the whole project cycle with a differentiated position:

  • Upstream, with the definition phase of the project (planning, draft, concept, …) and/or the building up of your master plan
  • Downstream, with a possible assistance during the implementation, the preparation of the qualification/validation certificates of the devices and the maintenance plan (via our own software GMAO).

Thanks to this approach, we can completely master the project and concentrate the responsibilities and this, as from the definition phase since you can count on a unique partner … CoCEPTIO.

This approach combined with a solid business and technical experience is the guarantee to our customers that they benefit from a leading expertise and a true added-value.


Our activity sectors


Thanks to a solid technical expertise and several references in the sector (from the start-up “Biotech” to one of the “Major” in the pharma industry), CoCEPTIO helps you in projects such as :

  • Controlled-environment production zone
  • Aseptic or confined production zone (BL2, BL3, …)
  • Conditioning zone
  • Specific laboratories
  • Pet shops
  • Production and distribution of pure utilities (injection water, demineralized water, pure steam, …)
  • Process equipment (autoclaving, isolating, decontamination station, washing machine, CIP/SIP, fill line, washer, …)

In the technical sense of the word “infrastructure”, CoCEPTIO considers a hospital as an “industry” where the quality of care is the major concern of its management. CoCEPTIO positions itself as a key partner for those hospitals to assist them in improving their intervention condition in their critical areas, such as:

  • Sterile production pharmacy (cytostatic, TPN, clinical tests, …)
  • Operating room
  • MAP zone (“Medically Assisted Reproduction”)
  • Protected and ultra-protected hematology area
  • Intensive care
  • “Stem cell” areas
  • Clinical biology laboratories

We have a rich and diverse experience in chemical industry, as from small and middle structures to « GREAT SEVESO » classified sites, in an ATEX environment or not, …

CoCEPTIO assists you in several projects such as :

  • The elaboration of an inerting system in a complete unit (ATEX environment, great SEVESO)
  • Dimensioning of security systems in case of exotherms
  • Utility production and distribution modification (steam, chilled water,…) from the dimensioning to the production
  • Back to conformity of devices in regard to the PED
  • Replacement of thermal oil reactor
  • Mechanical strength calculation (tank, piping, expansion, …)
  • Maintenance support
  • HAZOP study
Food Processing Industry

Thanks to its solid technical expertise, CoCEPTIO assists you in various projects such as :

  • Controlled environment areas
  • Production units
  • Production & distribution of pure use (water, demineralized water, steam, production of chilled water, …)
  • Specific laboratories
  • Process equipment (preparation tank, cooling, CIP/SIP, …)
  • ...
Other sectors

CoCEPTIO is proud on the versality of the other various references in tech sector such as microelectronic, medical diagnosis, …

Feel free to contact us via our contact form available on this site.

Our services

CoCEPTIO has developed a range of tailored-made services according to your needs. This enables to offer an integrated approach where the customer can also have a unique contact person for the realization of the different projects.

The CoCEPTIO’s toolbox to manage your project portfolios with a recognized efficiency and therefore highlights with consistency the priorities.

When you will give us your project management, initially we will fix, with the involved stakeholders, a dashboard with the critical KPI’s.  Afterwards, CoCEPTIO manages your portfolio from the planification of your Master Plan to a rentability follow-up board with a S-curve analysis of those projects.


Thanks to their strong experience, our project managers will manage your projects with ability and efficiency from the definition phase of your needs to the sequencing of the different implementation phases and/or qualification & validation.

Our in-house developed tools are based on international standards in project management and planification (PMI, PRINCE® and the BPE of the SPE) but also on our precious experience to keep a pragmatic management of your projects, but still in a very professional way.

Since the very early beginning of a project, CoCEPTIO offers the expertise and the know-how of its business and technical experts (logistics expert and lean management, regulatory & compliance expert, senior engineer, …).

We can then assist you in defining your projects by the implementation of a functional analysis to end with a draft/programming of the areas. This will enable you to promote the project with valuable elements.

In the continuity, we also have the capacity to realize studies to confirm the technical feasibility of your project, by taking a 360º view and by concentrating on the essentials.

On audit level, we mainly cover the following subjects :

  • project audit (in terms of structure, management, definition, …)
  • maintenance audit
  • engineering audit (on technical aspects : HVAC, PED, …)
  • qualification audit
  • compliance audit (GMP, PIC/S, …)

Based on a multi-disciplinary approach, CoCEPTIO can cover all the phases linked to the implementation of a classical project, i.e.:

  • Project definition (assistance in the redaction of URS “User Requirements Specifications”, expected performances, …)
  • Pre-project (proposition of technical concepts)
  • Detailed study (precise technical specifications with the elaboration of conception plans and related businesses)
  • Submission (selection of different companies)
  • Supervision of the construction (construction management and daily management)
  • Implementation
  • Qualification and validation
  • Maintenance and Audit

To those different phases of a project, we can also add the expert support, such as the assistance in the contract preparation, administrative clauses of your specifications, …

Next to this classical project diagram, CoCEPTIO can also assist you in other project structures more in phase with your expectations, leading even to a turnkey installation (“Design & Build”).

Feel free to contact us to present you in detail our different approaches of project management.

This step is crucial and CoCEPTIO pays a lot of attention to it. Indeed, this phase consists in both the implementation of the different technical installations and the gathering of the different settings and documentation aspects to enable the maintenance team to keep the installation fit for the purpose for the following years.

During this phase, CoCEPTIO takes actively part in the elaboration plan and the sequencing of the implementation. It also assists in the realization of critical tests on site to quickly and correctly address the issues.

CoCEPTIO can take care of the qualification and validation of critical installations (according to the ASTM E2500 standards) to guarantee to its customers the compliance of their installations in regard to the expected performances and the different regulations constraints.

CoCEPTIO is active in maintenance. In order to answer to the need of some customers, CoCEPTIO has developed its own tool of GMAO (Computer-assisted maintenance management). This tool is used as from the conception phase, to generate a reliable maintenance plan at the end of the project.

By doing so, CoCEPTIO guarantees the sustainability of your installations.

CoCEPTIO is also prompt to support its customers, at their request, in expertise needs for several domains such as:

  • Technical expertise (PED, documentation update, …)
  • Strategy (Master Plan Site elaboration, reflexion on project structure, …)
  • Management (diagnosis on a project management, …)
  • Risk analysis such as HAZOP, risk studies (ISO 13849-1:2008, FMEA-AMDEC, …) causes analysis (Ishikawa, …) shutdown preparation (consignment, LOTO procedure, …)

CoCEPTIO also gives trainings on customers’ specific requests (for instance on project management, risks analysis, …) or takes part in conferences organized by professional associations such as Technifutur, A3P, ASPEC, …

Our skills

Anxious to offer an integrated approach, CoCEPTIO has got all the competencies in the following domains:

  • Civil Engineering

  • Completion

  • HVAC

  • Electricity

  • Automation

  • Black Services

    (Frozen water, Warm water, Steam, …)

  • Clean Services

    (Demineralized water, Pure water, …)

  • Process Equipment

    (Filling line, SAS, decontamination, autoclave …)

  • Pharma and Chemistry Process

  • CAD

    (2D & BIM 3D)

News & Jobs

Please find below CoCEPTIO's latest news

CoCEPTIO is hiring a Construction Manager

Jan 16, 2023

1.   Our Culture and Work Environment CoCEPTIO, a business & technical expert active in very specific sectors (pharma, biotech, comestics, food-processing sector …), strives to be the best European stakeholder in the conception and execution of…


CoCEPTIO is hiring a Maintenance Projet Engineer

Nov 21, 2022

Our culture and work environment CoCEPTIO, business & technical expert active in very specific sectors (pharma, biotech, cosmetics, food-processing sector …), strives to be the best European stakeholder in the conception and execution of high-valued industrial…


CoCEPTIO is hiring a Process Engineer

Oct 19, 2022

As a engineering and maintenance office, CoCEPTIO’s main goal is to conceive, build and ensure the maintainance of complex multi-technical “tailor-made” installations in high-valued sectors (pharma, biotech, cell & gene, med-tech, hospitals, food processing, chemistry, space…


CoCEPTIO is hiring a Lead Automation Engineer

Oct 5, 2022

CoCEPTIO, business & technical expert active in niche areas (pharma, biotech, comestics, food-processing sector …) strives to be the best European stakeholder in the conception and implementation of high-valued industrial projects. CoCEPTIO is also establishing an…


CoCEPTIO presents the HVAC department

Sep 14, 2022

The HVAC means Heating Ventilation and Air Conditionning, it consists to keep the internal conditions inside a building, a room which means to have a good temperature, a good humidity and a good air quality (CO2…



Sep 7, 2022

📢 This week, CoCEPTIO presents its PROCESS discipline What does it consist of ❓❓❓ By definition, Process is a serie of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. For industries, we can…


CoCEPTIO is hiring a EHS supervisor

Aug 24, 2022

OUR CULTURE AND WORK ENVIRONMENT CoCEPTIO, a business & technical expertise centre active in very specific sectors (pharma, biotech, cosmetics, agri-food, etc.), aims to become an essential European integrator in the design and implementation of industrial…


CoCEPTIO is hiring a Project Manager

Jul 13, 2022

OUR CULTURE AND WORK ENVIRONMENT  CoCEPTIO, a business & technical expertise centre active in very specific sectors (pharma, biotech, cosmetics, agri-food, etc.), aims to become an essential European integrator in the design and implementation of industrial…


CoCEPTIO is hiring a Contruction Manager

May 24, 2022

1.   Our Culture and Work Environment CoCEPTIO, a business & technical expert active in very specific sectors (pharma, biotech, comestics, food-processing sector …), strives to be the best European stakeholder in the conception and execution of…


Our Team

Our team is exclusively composed of experienced persons, with more than 10 years experience and expert knowledge in the businesses of our customers. It guarantees an integration of your real need and a formal engagement on the expected performances.


Today, CoCEPTIO counts 15 associates and partners in various domains, who can cover a wide range of disciplines linked to a project:

  • Project Manager
  • Architect (finalization)
  • Project Engineer (HVAC, Piping, Black & Clean utilities, electricity, automation, civil engineer & framework, Pharma process and chemistry, process equipment, …)
  • Qualification / Validation Engineer
  • QA & Regulatory experts (GMP, PIC/S, FDA, …)
  • Specific experts (lean, logistics, sales, …)


Senior Partner

" Seul on va plus vite. Ensemble on va plus loin. "






Senior Partner

" L'ingénieur, c'est l'art d'être efficace "




Sébastien WIESEL

Senior Partner

" Hâtez-vous lentement, et sans perdre courage. Vingt fois sur le métier remettez votre ouvrage. Polissez-le sans cesse, et le repolissez. Ajoutez quelquefois, et souvent effacez " 

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