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CoCEPTIO is hiring a Construction Manager

1.   Our Culture and Work Environment

CoCEPTIO, a business & technical expert active in very specific sectors (pharma, biotech, comestics, food-processing sector …), strives to be the best European stakeholder in the conception and execution of high-valued industrial projects.

CoCEPTIO is also establishing an agile management where trust, autonomy and responsibilities are the key words for our collaborators, who feel fulfilled and spontaneously contribute to the company growth.

 2.   Major Role

As construction manager, your major role is to manage daily activities on the contruction site in compliance with the established coordination frame, ensuring at the same time the implementation of general good practices and specific EHS measures in application on the construction site.

You are responsible for the coordination of the staff members on site as well as the service providers (architects, third parties, …) and ensure the good progress of the work respecting the deadlines, the quality, and the budget. You also manage the relation between the different workers on site and organize the construction site meetings, in which you act as a facilitator.

Since you will be responsible of a file including multiple stages, you must have a global view of the tasks to be done as well as the priorities.

Etant donné que vous prendrez en charge un dossier comprenant une multitude d’étapes, vous devez avoir une vue globale des tâches à accomplir ainsi que des priorités.


3.   Operational Responsibilities

Work permit :

  • Write the work/fire or other specific authorizations (for instance, confined area)
  • Lead the LMRA related on a daily basis to define the measures to include in the permit
  • Ensure that each site worker/service provider is authorized and equipped to realize the planned work
  • Ensure the compliance with legal regulations (such as the National Social Security Office)

EHS Coordination :

  • Identify the co-activity situations and define in collaboration with the service providers the appropriate preventive measures
  • Identify and report the dangereous situations and find improvement opportunities
  • Identify and report the incidents to document their cause analyses and bring corrections
  • Stop immediately any situation that does not comply with the existing EHS measures
  • Be the primary contact person of the CSS (Health and Security Committee) in charge of the project, as well as the EHS primary contact person of the client

Technical Coordination :

  • In close collaboration with the Project Manager, establish a detailed planning and ensure its implementation on site.
  • Anticipate/identify any deviation according to the same planning, report and suggest corrective actions
  • Anticipate/identify the space non-compliance during the realization (non respect of the coordinated plans), report them and suggest corrective actions in collaboration with the appropriate engineers
  • Consider in close collaboration with the Project Manager, the proposed progress status of the project with the differents workers/service providers on site
  • Act as “the eye” of the engineering team on the construction site and ensure the contact with engineers
  • Act as the report contact person for any technical issues reported by the service providers in order to rapidly find answers and so, ensure the continuity of the activities


4.   Profile & Major Skills

  • Ease of writing documented reportings concise and precise on deviation situation
  • Stress resistance in some tense situation inherent in co-activity situations by adopting the role of facilitator/middle-man
  • Capacity to take decisions rapidly when deemed necessary, but natural tendency to colaborate and to take decision in a collegial manner
  • Capacity to perceive the balance between the different constraints on an industrial construction site (deadline, quality, budget)
  • Experience in multi-disciplinary technics (in partifular HVAC, Piping, Electricity, Civil engineering)
  • Management skills
  • Capacity to manage relations with service providers on site, in a stable balance between confidence and empowerment of each and have the authority needed for the strict compliance rules of the construction site
  • Relational comfort and assertivity
  • Knowledge of French and English, any other language is an extra


Interested in starting a new career at CoCEPTIO. Apply now!

Contact Mr. Thierry Marchandisse, HR Officer, at the address:


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