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This week, CoCEPTIO presents one of its disciplines: AUTOMATION

What does it consist of?

Automation is the implementation of a software solution allowing the control and control of industrial processes.

The control part of the industrial process is associated with PLCs (controllers)

The control part (human/machine interface) is carried out by the supervision part (HMI, SCADA)

Thanks to our experience, we will offer you innovative solutions to manage your installations by increasing their efficiency and improving the quality of your products.


How can CoCEPTIO help you?

Our automation engineers can intervene from the conceptual phase of your project to its commissioning.

We realize:

  • The definition of the control solution to be implemented for your industrial processes
  • The integration of all the systems/installations/machines necessary for your needs
  • The definition of the necessary budgets
  • The selection of integrators to carry out your project
  • The monitoring the execution of your project from the study phase to its commissioning
  • The coordination of the different disciplines (IT, electricity, HVAC, process …)


CoCEPTIO advocates the unification of automated systems in order to:

  • Standardize your installations
  • Centralize all data
  • Homogenize user interfaces
  • Simplify the maintenance of automation platforms
  • Reduce investment costs
  • Improve performance
  • Facilitate diagnosis through the use of powerful tools and data analysis
  • Integrate the different techniques on a common system


Should you need more information about CoCEPTIO’s automation services, please contact us by email at


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