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CoCEPTIO presents the HVAC department

The HVAC means Heating Ventilation and Air Conditionning, it consists to keep the internal conditions inside a building, a room which means to have a good temperature, a good humidity and a good air quality (CO2 concentration for example) by using different type of technologies.


In the pharmaceutical sector, the HVAC also aims to control and master environmental data’s (particle, chemical, microbiological pollution).


To achieve the target conditions, different technologies are used such as filtration, air changes per hour, air diffusion, pressure control, etc. Air handling units and their aeraulic networks are used to do this, while keeping an eye on the possible energy savings by using high-performance machines and optimizing our sizing.


Our HVAC engineers can intervene from the conceptual phase to the commissioning phase but also in maintenance.


At CoCEPTIO, we realize:

✔️ The definition of the HVAC solution to be implemented for your industrial processes

✔️ The integration of all the systems/installations/machines necessary for your needs.

For example : Heat pump, Chiller, Air Handling Unit, Cold Room, …

✔️ The definition of the necessary budgets

✔️ The selection of integrators to carry out your project

✔️ The monitoring the execution of your project from the study phase to its commissioning

✔️ The coordination of the different disciplines (IT, electricity, HVAC, process …)


Should you need more information about CoCEPTIO’s HVAC services, feel free to contact us by email at 📧

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